This pages is more of a guideline than anything else for you, the players, to come up with characters that fit the setting.

High Concepts and Trouble

High Concepts can be anything reasonable that you’d like. Trouble on the other hand should have some explanation of why your character is taking part in the underbelly of the world. Have in mind that the settings magic and supernatural is relatively unknown to normal people so have some sort of explanation of why you are in this society within a society.


There really aren’t any distinct classes. Create a character that you’d enjoy roleplaying and fits in the world.


In this setting there are multiple groups that you can belong to. Include this in your other aspects or troubles for your character. You are not limited to a group, you can choose any group you’d like.


Honestly you can choose anything you’d like, as long as its reasonable. If you’d like, you can include a chant to say whenever you invoke that stunt.

Examples of characters you can create

Middle school math teacher
Researcher from the Magisterium
Store keeper who’s actually a vampire
Ghoul to a vampire
Fairy living as an accountant

You’re not limited to what you can do.


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