The night is only a front for the insidious activity lurking beneath the eyes of the inhabitants of St. Georgius. Tales of ghouls and goblins, of ghosts and demons, of men and gods echo in the alleyways of its ghettos. All the souls residing in the Saint’s city sleep restfully without knowing that the devil’s children protect them. A curious and quaint peace that has yet to be perturbed. So it is of shock when rumors waft through city streets of a growing movement south of it is city lines.
A being has appeared there, a being known only as one of the Ascended Masters. A being with the ability to call forth the Influencing Machine. Children and adults fall to its grasp and the echoes of its call reach the ears of the Saint’s people. The cabal can no longer keep its status quo and moves to negotiate with the neighboring cabal. Yet at their meeting place their eyes graced a canvas of crimson— the Heraclitus cabal is no more.
The setting for an opera is thus laid out for the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica who visit St. Georgius with their intention of calling for a being from the Abyss. The two groups then clash; unbeknownst to them the lining of the Celestial Spheres occurs in a fortnight and beckons the Black Sun.

The Secret Doctrine

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