Celestial Spheres

The term Celestial Spheres refer to the 4 Worlds in Kabbalah where Existence emanates from. In term of emanation: Atziluth > Briah > Yetzirah > Assiah. Popular esoteric belief within this setting define the Celestial Spheres as both planes of existence and separate worlds. All mortals live within the realm of Assiah while paranormal beings exist on Yetzirah explaining their supernatural powers. Although paranormal beings exist on Yetzirah, they live and dine with mortals in Assiah. Mages don’t know as of yet why but as of now they only know that any realm beyond the Mortal plane is not attainable perhaps to Alaya’s will.


The name the Theosophical Society calls the Demiurge (God) although they also recognize Him as an entire different plane of existence, the Realm of the Divine.

Der Holocaust

The name of a ritual created by a mage from Europe before World War II. There is a rumor that the ritual was forged first by the Thule Society but with its dissolution the Ahnenerbe took hold of the knowledge to the ritual and created their own form of it. Little to no knowledge of the rituals goal or how to go about with it is known. As such many Mages in the Magisterium crave to know more of it.

The Night of Pan

The name given when Der holocaust is enacted by the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. The people that have come across the group whisper that it will bring a city-wide or larger ego-death.


A void between the mortal world and the high worlds. A great chasm that is needed to cross in order to gain the supernatural powers that paranormal creatures and mages have.

The City of Pyramids

A synthetic heaven situated between the Demiurge and the mortal realm. It lies beyond the Abyss, perhaps existing between Briah and Atziluth and is the end goal for mages not in the Magisterium.

Ascended Master

A being who has supposedly reached the highest realm of emanation where the Demiurge sits on His cosmic throne. Little is known of them and is often considered a rumor or an outright lie in esoteric circles.

The Canvas

An informal term by non-Magisterium mages to describe the whole of creation.


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