Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica

A group of esoteric mages who visit St. Georgius bringing with them the Night of Pan. They desire to summon forth a being from the Abyss with the help of a woman only known as Babylon. Little to nothing is known of them aside from their goals and excursions. They are one of the few esoteric groups that the Magisterium decry as dangerous to the future of every being.


A cabal of vampires that have lived in St. Georgius since its founding. Along with the Heraclitus Cabal in the Coast D’Azur, they form the leading Cabals in their district. As the cabal of St. Georgius they take care of making sure any Mortal that runs astray into their world can find their way back. They take care of any other paranormal activity within their city as well but generally let the Mages in San Francisco handle that.


The cabal of vampires that lived south to St. Georgius in the Coast D’Azur. They had a friendly relationship with Walpurgisnacht for the past 30 years. They were found murdered at the designated meeting ground between the two cabals.

Theosophical Society

A group of mages whose tenets are scorned at by the Magisterium. They and the Magisterium are often at ends with each other. They believe in a group of beings called the Ascended Masters will led them to a higher plane of existence and understanding.

The Magisterium

A group within the Vatican answering directly to the Pope on supernatural matters. The name confuses them with the magisterium (the authority on the teachings of the church). This is by far the largest group of mages worldwide with over 300 locations on every continent, including Antarctica. The group was created by Pope Gregory VII due to the witch trial craze in Europe citing a lack of knowledge into the esoteric. The group accepts and trains mages only within the Church itself though on few occasions it has accepted others. They are the group who often gets the most request by the paranormal beings (usually cleanup) and are jokingly called Cleaners.


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